Delhi as a solo female travel destination

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One of the best places to visit in India if you are a solo traveler regardless of gender is one that is least expected. Delhi. The capital of India can be quite hard to know at first and intimidating for female solo travelers given its rap sheet. But at the same time, it can be enigmatic, bewildering and chaotic in equal proportions. Even the experienced foreign backpackers get a good hit of culture shock and that’s why it is perfect for solo travelers.  

But why visit Delhi?  

Because Delhi will surely blow all your senses. You are bound to be bombarded with the sights, sounds and smells constantly. From cultural hubs, beautiful gardens or world-famous heritage sites to delicious street food and nightclubs, the To-Do list is endless. Explore the architecture of the reminiscent architecture of the city’s monuments, try out the best street eats, get educated at the historic museums or just let your hair down in a nightclub. You get to make the choice of solo female travelers. Oops! We almost forgot to include street shopping on the list. *wink wink*

By now you must have realized that Delhi is a perfect solo holiday for women travelers. Prepare your mind to get to know the city and discover the best experiences. Because for a solo female traveler Delhi is like a treasure chest with tons of things in store to experience and enjoy. Solo travel is never intended to be easy. It is not meant to pamper you or even give a ‘clean’ experience of travel if that even exists. It will surely put solo women travelers outside of their comfort zones. And Delhi will definitely test you in every way possible, reshaping the female travelers into a stronger and more courageous being. This is why you should pick Delhi to be the first city for solo female travel in India. Do not worry Delhi will reward you tenfold.

That’s where Boarding Pal comes into the picture to make your solo travel a little bit easy. The travel-related app will help female travelers to discover fellow travel ‘pals’ to connect and ensure safety while commuting via trains, buses or flights. If you manage to not only survive but thrive in Delhi then you are confident enough to travel anywhere in India. This app will ensure that you get that confidence boost to make your solo travel a memorable one

Getting around in Delhi as a female traveler

The capital city is home to ancient historic buildings as well as a skyline filled with skyscrapers. Before you hit the streets of Delhi, you need to figure out the way to commute. If you are a solo female traveler landed in this vast land of plenty and pondering how to see it all, here are your available options for various modes of transportation in Delhi. From Delhi, you can easily reach Mumbai, discover which routes allow you to travel in between Mumbai and Delhi as a solo female traveler

Delhi Metro

If you are a women traveler trying to get the pulse of the city then we’d suggest you make Metro as your primary conveyance mode. Clearly, the fastest, affordable and one of the best ways to get around Delhi is Delhi Metro. The network constitutes AC coaches wherein one coach in each metro is reserved for women. You can find a metro at a frequency of every five minutes. For the journey, fair totally depends on the distance covered. Just make sure to get a token or a smart card in lieu of cash if you want to travel via metro. At the moment, the network operates on six circuits with more routes in order. The network connects several zones of Delhi and NCR region, including various interstate bus terminals, airport, and all the major places. Solo travelers, grab a hard copy of route map from any of the metro stations or download the route map on your smartphones.

Delhi Transportation (DTC) buses

DTC is the largest public transport operator in Delhi with a giant fleet of AC and non-AC buses. Hop on these buses to get around in Delhi for surprisingly minimal fares. Connecting almost all parts of Delhi, the bus service is ideal for short distances. Although metro rails are a more comfortable option, DTC buses connect to the far-flung areas of Delhi. Solo travelers can buy their tickets from the conductor after boarding it. But female travelers keep in mind to avoid boarding these buses during office hours(8 AM to 10 AM & 5 PM to 7 PM). These can get overly crowded as compared to metro rails and other modes of transport in Delhi.

Rickshaws (cycle, auto, and e-rickshaws)

For commuting over short distances, these can come quite handy. Cycle rickshaws are a practical option in congested areas such as Old Delhi, Lajpat Nagar. Auto rickshaws can be found in almost all areas. Travel girls this would be the time to show your bargaining skills. A quick tip would be to check the meter of the auto/e-rickshaw and start the journey only when it reads zero. Auto rickshaw fare is relatively higher than cycle/e-rickshaws and is more suited for traveling over long distances.

Private/shared cabs

Many private cab operators or cab sharing service providers such as Uber, Ola, and Easy Cabs operate in Delhi. These services can be hailed via mobile apps or official websites for a comfortable and private mode of transport.

Additionally, a few women- exclusive cab operators are also available in Delhi. These include Sakha Cabs for women and ForShe Cabs having only women chauffeurs for their cabs.

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